Plainfield Athletic Club

2023 Spring Registration


Spring 2023 Season At A Glance

The Plainfield Athletic Club would like to personally welcome you to the 2023 Spring Baseball & Softball Season.  

Here is a quick run-down of the season as follows: 


What Division will my child play?
For Baseball, playing age is determined by what age the player is on August 31st of the playing season. Coach Pitch: ages 4, 5 & 6 / Competitive Coach Pitch: ages 5, 6 & 7. Rookie: ages 7 & 8 / Minors: ages 9, 10 & 11 / Intermediate: ages 11, 12 and 13 / Juniors: ages 13, 14 & 15 (can’t be a sophomore in High School) / Seniors: ages 15 & 16 if offered. 

For softball, playing age is determined by what age the girl is on Jan. 1 of the playing season. Coach Pitch: ages 4,5 & 6 / Competitive Coach Pitch: ages 5, 6 & 7/ Rookie: ages 7 & 8 / Minors: ages 9 & 10 / Majors: ages 11 & 12, Juniors ages 13 & 14, Seniors ages 15 & 16.

Girls may play either softball or baseball. Coach Pitch/Competitive Coach Pitch is co-ed. The Little League Challenger Division is for players with disabilities requiring special assistance (one division for all ages).

Any traveling Required?

Travel may be required to local towns in the age groups of 13 and older for both baseball and softball.  With a limited number of teams, we may have to join a surrounding league such as the Dupage River Pony League, SWS or SWILA so that the older players have teams to play against.

When do the kids start practice? 
Practices are up to the individual Managers. Some practice more than others. Typically, all teams are selected at the beginning half of March. Practices may start any time after that (weather dependent); however, Plainfield Park District fields cannot be used until April 1.

How do I assure that my child's practice will be conveniently located? 
The Plainfield area district is large geographically. Managers will typically hold practice where it’s convenient for them. Although we encourage players from similar schools to be drafted to the same teams, the volunteer coaches deserve the right to hold practices where it is most convenient for them.  We are always looking for coaches and volunteering is the best way to control where practices are held.

Can my child be placed on the same team with his/her best friend(s)? 
The PAC does not assign players to teams. After registration is closed, the PAC organizes drafts for the various age divisions. Managers choose their players one at a time in a rotating order. The only player they are guaranteed to get on their team is their own son or daughter. The PAC policy is that siblings (but not cousins) can be drafted on the same team. The only way to have control over who your son or daughter plays with is to volunteer to manage a team.  Please see the bottom of the page for contact information regarding managing.

If I have one child on a full-time travel team, and the other will be playing in house. Will I be able to take the $20.00 family discount off for the in-house player? 
No. The discount only applies to in-house players. Travel players fall under a separate registration. 


Can my son or daughter play outside their designated age group?
If a player would like to play up an age group, a skills assessment will be required before an approval will be granted.  If a player wants to play down to play with kids in his/her same grade level will be considered.

What is the family activity fee for?
PAC is made up of strictly volunteers. From the Executive board down to the parent coaches and managers we are all unpaid volunteersTherefore, activities come up during the course of preseason, such as field prep, uniform handout, equipment handout, etc... or during the season such as assistant coaches, managers, picture day, concession stand volunteers etc..., where PAC needs assistance. If a qualified family adult member volunteers at least for 4 hours, you will receive back your $75 fee at the end of the season. If PAC can't get volunteers than we hire people with the $75 to run these activities.

How do I sign up to work in the concession stand or help with equipment handout and turn in?
In March, you can sign up through the website for times and locations.  Specific instructions will be posted and emailed out prior to March 1.

I am a manager or assistant coach for one of the teams. Do I still have to volunteer otherwise to receive my $75 family activity fee refund?
Each Manager and up to two assistant coaches will receive their activity fee refund. The manager will designate his two assistant coaches. You do not need to perform any other activity to receive your refund.

Are games canceled by weather rescheduled?
We will make every effort to reschedule all games that are canceled or suspended due to weather. However, due to field space availability some games may need to be rescheduled on Sunday or days typically not utilized. Games that are canceled near the end of the season may not be able to get rescheduled. In the fall season we are very limited to field space and daylight. Some games may not be made up, but we make every attempt to play at least 16 games per team (including playoffs) in the Spring and 12 games including playoffs in the fall.

Items required by each player
PAC supplies hat, jersey, socks, balls, and catcher's equipment for each team. Other items the players are responsible for are as follows: baseball or softball pants, Bat sized properly for the player and rated for the Division (see Bat guide below). Plastic/rubber cleats (metal spikes are only allowed only at Junior, Senior or Palomino Divisions), Glove, Batting Helmet with face guard (guards optional for Intermediate and above baseball), Athletic cup (boys). Optional: Batting Gloves, Bat Bag, Infield mask (softball).

What type of bat should I purchase?
•As of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard was implemented. USABat Standard bats must be used in the Little League Major Baseball Division and below. Either USABat Standard bats or BBCOR bats must be used at the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball and Junior League Baseball Divisions. At the Senior League Baseball Division, all bats must be meet the BBCOR standard. 

We live in another town, can I register my child to play in the Plainfield league?
If you live in another town but your child attends a Plainfield School District School, they would be allowed to play in the league.  If you live outside the league boundaries and do not attend a Plainfield School District School, then you would need to request a waiver from registration. Email

Click Here for League Boundary

Other items of note:

  1.  The season will start around April 10th and be completed around June 18th for all divisions in baseball and softball.
  2. - Games will be 1 or 2 games during the week (any day Monday - Friday) starting around 5:30/5:45 pm or 7:30pm/7:45 pm for those fields having lights and 1 game on the weekends
  3.  How do I become a manager?  Email VP of Baseball or VP of Softball indicating so or
  4.  How do I become an assistant coach?  Talk to your manager after the draft and ask to help out.

When registering your child, please make sure you select the appropriate jersey size.  Pants are not included so that you can get the right size for your player.  They will need gray pants for baseball and black pants for softball prior to the season starting.  Also, please check if you are interested in managing a team.  If you do manage a team, you will receive your activity fee back at the end of the season.  

Drafts are held at the beginning of March 2023.  Teams will usually begin practicing in the middle of March.  Opening day Festivities for baseball and softball will be on Saturday April 15rd, 2023 with games starting on the week of April 10th.  Baseball and softball seasons will end by June 18th.  Those that play on the All Star Tournament team will begin practicing in mid June with the District Tournament starting after the 4th of July. To be eligible to try out, the player must play in 60% of the in house regular season games.

Players who will be participating in the Minor (9-11), Intermediate (11-13) Baseball Division or the Major (11-12) Softball Division and higher will be required to attend a skills evaluation that will take place on February 25th and February 26th at a time yet to be determined.  More information to follow.


2023 Pricing Information

When registering, the $75 activity fee will be included in your final registration price.  If registering more than one player, you will see a $95 credit which reflects your $20 sibling discount plus $75 refund on activity fee for 2nd child as the activity fee is only charged once per family.  If you have a discount code, please enter it at check out.

Baseball Pricing                                              

Coach Pitch (Ages 4 - 6)                        $155 (Coed)     + $75 Act. Fee   =  $225

Competitive Coach Pitch (Ages 5 - 7)   $155 (Coed)      + $75 Act Fee  = $225

Rookie Division (Ages 7 - 8)                   $200                 + $75 Act Fee  = $275   

Minor  Division (Ages 9 - 11)                   $210                 + $75 Act Fee =   $285     

Intermediate  Division (Ages 11 - 13)      $230                  + $75 Act Fee =  $305        

Junior  Division  (Ages 13 - 14)                 $235                + $75 Act Fee  = $315     

Senior  Division  (Ages 15 - 16)                $235                 + $75 Act Fee  =  $315    


Softball Pricing                                                     

Rookie Division (Ages 7 - 8)                   $190      + $75 Act. Fee  =  $265              

Minor  Division (Ages 9 - 10)                   $200      + $75 Act. Fee  = $275                

Major  Division (Ages 11 - 12)                 $215       + $75 Act Fee   = $290                  

Junior  Division  (Ages 13 - 14)                 $230      + $75 Act. Fee  =  $305               

Senior  Division  (Ages 15 - 16)                $230       + $75 Act Fee = $305



Family Discount

If you are registering more than one player in your family, you will receive a $20 discount on the 2nd (3rd + all additional children) registration fee. In order for the registration system to recognize that you are registering multiple players, please register all of your players at this time. On the Review Page, there is a link near the bottom to "Register Another Player" - please click on this link to ensure that all of your players are registered within the same order.


***Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of your Family's Discount rates.***


Please direct questions to:

Mike Sexton


Phone: (815) 267-1010 ext. 707